Sign Up for Your On-Site Health Screening Today!

To All UWCX Employees –

Become a “better you” by taking advantage of the opportunity to receive a quick 10-minute on-site health screening.  UW-Extension & Colleges participation in this screening program is an effective health risk identification solution and education tool. The screening is designed to help improve your understanding of your health and well-being by evaluating your biometric measures such as Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose to help identify early warning signs of health risks and prevent potential diseases.

Aside from the $150 visa gift card you will receive as an incentive, having the health screen done is a wonderful gift you can give yourself.  If you haven’t already done so, please visit the StayWell Well Wisconsin portal to register and schedule an on-site health screening (and see how to receive the $150 incentive).

From my own personal experience, participating in the health screen helped to identify an underlying medical condition that I had, but wasn’t aware of.  The findings at the health screen allowed me to catch the condition in the early stages and be able to effectively manage the situation.  Due to an abnormal result found during the health screening, I have now taken the steps necessary that could ultimately reverse the condition. For this reason, I encourage everyone to sign up for their own health screening today!

Image result for benefits of health screenings for the employee

Image result for employee benefits of health screenings